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South Texas Whitetail Hunts

Trophy Whitetails South Texas

Trophy South Texas Whitetail

Guided Whitetail Hunts in Texas

Santa Cruz Ranch is known for its trophy whitetail hunts.  With almost 2 decades of combining and introducing quality genetics into the ranch, we have some of the top whitetails in South Texas.  The hunting ranch has virgin native brush that is a natural protein for the quality of antler growth.  Due to the soil fertility on the Texas ranch, lab lab is planted and grown during the spring time in our food plots to assist in the quality of antler growth.  These food sources are an important factor aside from good genetics for antler growth.  Whitetail hunting is seasonal in South Texas. 
Visit Texas Parks and Wildlife for hunting dates. www.tpwd.texas.gov

Whitetail deer grow and shed their antlers yearly and trophy size can vary from year to year depending on conditions.  Whitetail deer in South Texas have a light coat in the spring and summer and a darker coat in the winter.  The trophy bucks can weigh between 150-300 pounds with trophy scores exceeding 200".

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The Whitetail Hunts

South Texas whitetail hunting offers a variety of terrain but the majority of the hunting on Santa Cruz Ranch is thick dense brush. This makes the ranch ideal for archery or rifle hunts. At Santa Cruz Ranch, we offer spot & stalk, safari style or blind hunting options. Archery rifle or muzzle loader hunts are available and we have ideal habitat and terrain as well as experienced South Texas guides for all hunting methods.

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South Texas All Inclusive Hunting Ranch

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Texas Whitetail Hunting Packages & Rates

Trophy South Texas Bucks

  • Cull Bucks - $900
  • Management Buck - $1,500
  • Trophy Bucks starting at $4,500

South Texas Doe Meat Hunts $250 per deer (2 doe minimum)

Daily rate $200 

All Inclusive Packages $700

Add an axis deer hunt or other exotic game to your package for a combination hunt.

Inclusions and Details