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Meet The Team

Eric J Garza

Eric J Garza - Managing Partner

Growing up Eric's dad frequently took him hunting on leases and friends ranches.  All those experiences created a passion to expand his local lease hunts.  Sharing that love for the outdoors with friends who become family is what keeps him driven.  God's creations have never ceased to amaze him.
Eric lives on the ranch full time with his family and manages the day to day operations.  He is the founder of Santa Cruz Ranch hunting services.  From preparing hunts, guiding, tracking and field dressing to cooking and everything that comes in between.  Eric is no stranger to the hard work needed for a successful hunt.  Aside from the hunting operation, he's in the construction industry and enjoys his career.  These two passions combined, hunting and construction are what led him to design and newly renovate the lodging facility. He loves spending time with his family and when time permits, he travels the world on hunting and fishing adventures.
Rick Bailey

Rick Bailey - Partner

Richard Bailey more commonly known as Rick or even “Bailey” was born and raised in South Texas. He joined the SCR family as a business partner in 2021. He has said that his fascination for the outdoors is what moved him to find a ranch to be more involved with his love for hunting. 

He is also a local business owner, he owns a popular shooting range and local insurance company. Another deep rooted passion is racing classic cars from his personal collection. 

Rick and his wife Sandra have been married for ten years and combined have 6 children. They enjoy spending their free time in the water fishing, hunting or in the hill country. 

Pablo Garza

Pablo Garza - Hunting Guide

Pablo Garza is one of the first hunting guides acquired when SCR was established.  Through the years he has built an outstanding reputation with our clientele due to his commitment to providing an exceptional experience.  His personality and character are an important part of making the hunt enjoyable.  He knows how to make the client feel at ease and lightens the mood even when the hunting is tough.

Pablo has 50 years of hunting experience which has made him very aware of game patterns, movements and is knowledgeable of the animals being pursed. 

Pablo has worked for the local power company for well of 4 decades.  He began his career as a meter reader and now manages crews in multiple municipalities.  He and his wife Sonia have three children and is the father of managing partner Eric J Garza.  Pablo enjoys and finds peace in hunting and fishing.

Lolon Masker

Lolon Masker - Head Cook

Lolon Masker has a passion for cooking.  He can stir up just about anything you can think of.  From a South Texas barbecue feast to a mouth watering wagyu steak.  As he would say, you shouldn’t trust a skinny cook.  It all started at a young age in the kitchen with his mom and grandmother.  He brought his delicious skills to SCR two years ago.  When he isn’t in the kitchen making greatness, he’s serving mix drinks to entertain everyone.

He’s a father of 4 and enjoys horse riding, poker and dancing to good music.

Nick Caceres

Nick Caceres - Hunting Guide

Nick is a USMC Veteran who has always enjoyed the outdoors.  From hunting, fishing and guiding he was born to be living the outdoor lifestyle.  He's a devoted father, husband and friend.  Prior to becoming a guide for Santa Cruz Ranch, he was a Federal Game Warden.  He currently assists managing a local plumbing company.  His knowledge and background are an advantage used at the ranch.  His goal is to make sure that every guest has an unforgettable experience. 

Desi Martinez

Desi Martinez - Hunting Guide

Like many others in the guiding world, Desi was involved in all things outdoors alongside his father at a young age.  His father knew the importance of raising Desi in this amazing culture.  It was then that Desi developed his passion for the outdoors.  From hunting, fishing to wildlife photography.  As the years progressed he learned the patterns in native and exotic animals.  With this experience, he learned ins and outs on being a hunting guide.  Guiding clients and assisting them to harvest their trophy excites Desi as if he was the actual hunter himself.  He is always focused and in the moment with each and every hunter.  Desi strives to make our clients comfortable, excited and successful each and every time.  Every client departs knowing that Desi exudes 100% effort every second of their hunt.

Desi works at a local medical equipment company.  When he isn't working he is on local ranches or on the water doing what he loves best!  Wildlife Photography.

Aydin Torres

Aydin Torres - Guide Apprentice

Meet Aydin Torres.  He is an all around apprentice.  He is in the back ground like a ninja tying up loose ends to make a successful hunt.  A hustler if you will.  He is always quick to lend a helping hand to all that are involved.  His love for the outdoors started at a very early age and only grew with hunting.  He strives to learn all he can and be an exemplary outdoorsmen.

Aydin is currently a high school student.  He is on the football varsity team, powerlifting team and has competed nationally on a shooting team.  

Galindo De Leon

Galindo De Leon - Ranch Keeper

Galindo De Leon is the definition of a hard worker.  From dusk till dawn he will put in what it takes to get the job done.  Galindo has been working on the ranch full time since 2019 and prides himself on keeping the grounds well maintained.  

Not only does he keep the ranch manicured as best as a ranch can get, he keeps the ponds filled, feeders full, trails cleared and tractors running.  He is not shy of getting his hands dirty.  Although field dressing a deer can be quite intimidating, Galindo can navigate just about any harvest with precision. From field dressing, caping, quartering and preserving the venison for departure.

Galindo is a husband, father of 3 children and enjoys time with his family when time permits.

Andy de la Garza

Andy de la Garza - Hunting Guide

Born and raised in the heart of Texas Andy De La Garza has always looked forward to the fall. Between football season and hunting there’s nothing he loves more.  As many others, Andy developed a passion for hunting and fishing as a young boy. He has 8 years of guiding experience and has been with Santa Cruz Ranch for three of those years.

He is experienced and familiar with all species of animals at SCR and can field dress with the best of them.  

Aside from hunting and fishing, he enjoys cooking. From the kitchen to the outdoor grill and of course dutch oven baking as well.  At camp you can always find Andy guiding, cooking and making sure his hunter always taken care of. 

After attending Texas A&M University Kingsville, Andy moved back home to Edinburg and enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and labradors.