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Axis Deer Hunts South Texas


Santa Cruz Ranch has a good population of axis deer. They have a pretty reddish coat with white spots, a black line on their back and white underbelly and neck. Axis bucks shed their antlers on their own time, yearly. We have summer and winter bucks available in hard horn. They typically have 3 points on each side. However, growing more than just a 3x3 (six points) isn't uncommon.
Axis males can weigh up to 250 pounds. Axis venison is known to be one of the best tasting. It has a very low percentage of fat almost making it fat free.

Axis deer can be hunted year round on the ranch and included with a combination of other exotic game hunts.

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History of Axis Deer Hunting in Texas

Axis Deer have been around in the great state of Texas since 1932. Native to India and Nepal, when first brought to the U.S. the deer were kept on game farms and were harvested for food. However, fences didn't hold these animals for long - several escaped captivity and thrived in the warm Texas weather. Did you know Axis deer are now the most abundant exotic species in Texas? Join us on an exotic game hunt and see one for yourself!

Axis Deer Meat

Is Axis Deer Meat Good to Eat?

Axis deer embody the saying "beautiful inside and out". The meat of an Axis deer has low-fat content and a high protein-to-fat ratio compared to other types of venison. Most people who have tasted Axis deer agree that it is extremely tasty and tender. With bucks weighing up to 250 lbs, you can harvest a great supply of delicious and nutritious meat. Check out our Axis Deer Packages below to schedule your hunt.

Axis Deer Packages & Fees

Axis Deer Packages & Fees

We offer ALL INCLUSIVE Axis Deer Hunts on the Ranch. 

All Inclusive Packages only $1,500 Includes:

  • 3 Days and 2 nights lodging 
  • Akaushi Steaks, venison, BBQ, South Texas Mexican meals & Award winning recipe of Dutch oven made Pan de Campo (Cowboy bread).
  • Beverages & Fully stocked bar & snacks
  • One on One Guide
  • Transportation on the ranch
  • Care & field dressing of game
  • Transportation of trophy to meat processing and taxidermist
  • Pick up at McAllen airport

Axis Deer Trophy Fees:

  • Cull Buck $2,850
  • Buck under 30" $3,500
  • Buck over 30" $5,000
  • Buck 32"- 34" $6,500
  • Buck over 34" $8,000
  • Doe $1000

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