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Questions about hunting in South Texas

What do I need to bring with me to hunt in South Texas?

Dress for the occasion. Bring appropriate attire. Please check the weather during the time you will be hunting. You can never be too prepared to hunt in South Texas. If it’s hot, bring fresh clothing. Cold? Dress in layers. Rainy? Rain gear. Bring your choice of rifle. We have a washer and dryer available so no need to pack heavy if you're staying several nights. Beside attire, bring your rifle, ammunition for your rifle and binoculars. Snake boots recommended but not required. Depending what you are hunting, you will need to bring one or multiple coolers to store the meat while you are traveling back home.

What caliber of rifle is preferred for Whitetail hunts or Exotic Hunts?

We recommend a minimum caliber of .270. However, it isn’t required. We've had youth use smaller calibers and still have perfect shot placement. Either way, many factors come into play. Optics, grain, wind, shot placement, “buck fever”, animal size, etc. We have an onsite shooting range that we require to use prior to your hunt. Don’t sweat it, we’re here to help.

Do you offer bow hunting for whitetails or exotics in South Texas?

Yes! We are set up for archery hunting for all our hunting including whitetails, axis deer and other exotic game hunts. One of my favorite types of hunts. Minimum draw weight is 50 pounds when hunting deer. More weight when hunting larger animals. Three or four blades recommended for your broadheads. Shot placement is important. You want to take your trophy home and not let coyotes or birds get to it first.

What happens if I wound an animal?

If you shoot at an animal and you draw blood, hair, bone or any other signs of contact with the shot, the hunter is fully responsible for the harvest whether the animal is found or not. We make every effort to track your animal.

How do I book a hunt?

Well that’s easy. If you have decided on your trophy and or package, an initial nonrefundable deposit of 50% is required. Other half is due after the success of your hunt.

What type of hunting license do I need in South Texas?

Texas residents will need a Resident Hunting (type 101) license for native and exotic deer. Non-Residents hunters will need a 5-day special hunting license (type 157) or a General Non-Resident hunting license (type 105). Youth hunting license for under 17 years old resident or non-resident (type 169). Hunting licenses can be purchased at almost all sporting goods retail store. A hunters Education card is required by the state of Texas if you were born after September 2, 1971. Please visit https://tpwd.texas.gov/ for more information.

What if I want to bring my spouse or guest?

Your spouse or guest are welcome to accompany you on your hunt. However, its important to notify us in advance to make sure space is available and proper planning is done for meals etc.

What if I want to cancel or reschedule my hunt?

Canceling a hunt is never fun, not for the hunter or rancher. Unfortunately, you will lose your deposit unless we can fill your spot on that same date with another hunter. However, rescheduling your hunt should be your first option. We will definitely accommodate rescheduling for up to 12 months.