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Day Hunts in South Texas

If you are short on time, have a limited budget, or just want to get out for a spontaneous hunting trip, our day hunts are a great option for you. We offer fully guided day hunts on our ranch in South Texas for whitetail deer, axis deer, and a large variety of exotics. Don't let your schedule hold you back from enjoying time in the outdoors--check out our available packages below.


Whitetail Day Hunts

Sometimes, a day is all you need. Our well-managed hunting ranch has a large population of deer with incredible genetics, making your odds of success on a big buck--even on a day hunt--very favorable. We have comfortable hunting blinds in strategic locations throughout the property that are ideal for both archery and rifle hunting, and our experienced guides know which ones are best based on the conditions and the time of year. Our team will make sure you get the most out of your short hunting time with us.

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Axis Deer

Axis Deer Day Hunts

South Texas is known for its quality axis deer hunting, and we have a lot of big bucks running around on the property. Their beautiful coats and long horns make them outstanding trophies, and even better, their meat is known to be some of the best venison in the world. These animals make for an extremely fun hunt and should definitely be strongly considered as a focus on your day hunt.

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Day Hunts for Exotics

We have so many species of exotics that it can be hard to keep count. If you name it, we probably have it. Aoudad, blackbuck, fallow deer, elk, gemsbok, mouflon, red stag, and more. This variety of game is especially great for the day hunter, because it can offer a lot of opportunities in a short amount of time. If you are looking for a fun day hunt, come hunt exotics with us and see what steps out.

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Rates & Packages

Daily Rate & Guide fee $350 + Trophy Fees


  • Transportation around the ranch
  • Field dressing
  • Lunch
  • Transportation of animal to our meat processor and or taxidermist

Gratuity not included.
Prices subject to change unless deposit is made.
50% non-refundable deposit required.
Wounded animal is considered a harvest.

See Individual Pages for Trophy Fees.
Exotic Hunts
Axis Deer Hunts
Whitetail Hunts

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